Why Seek A Manuscript Review?

Elevate your writing.
A professional manuscript review
may help you do this.

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Regardless of your experience as a writer, there are a few
important reasons to have a professional review of your
manuscript before submitting it to an editor or agent.

Consider that agents and editors receive nearly 12,000
manuscripts a year. You likely will have one shot to
impress your dream agent. If that agent rejects your work,
most agencies request that you do not submit it to an
another agent in the same agency. Same is true with
editors in publishing houses.

But how do we know our work is ready to submit?
The problem is we often get so close to our stories during
revision that we may be blinded by that extraordinary twist
of a phrase, our exquisite metaphors and lovely setting
details to see that those metaphors fail to echo our
theme, our story has no arc, our dialogue sounds stilted,
and our protagonist's characterization is one
dimensional. Or maybe our opening is as fresh as that
milk we inadvertently left in the pantry--for a week.
Pre NYC SCBWI Conference:
"I made changes/corrections
according to your critiques. It will
be interesting to hear what they
have to say about it."
Post Conference:
"I got really good feedback on my
first 500 words. Both agent and
editor thought it had amazing
imagery. They loved the humor
 Cecilia Ramirez

Note: The imagery, humor and
voice were all Cecilia's. Our work
together elevated some technical
elements, allowing the rest to
"Your thoughts on my MS are so insightful,
honest and constructive! Your critique is better
and more thorough than anything I ever received
at a conference. You make an AWESOME
writing coach!!!"

Nancy Cavenaugh .
"You did an excellent edit of my work.   I truly felt
I got way more than what I paid for. You are the
mentor I prayed for and then some.  Thanks for
challenging me. You took me out of my comfort
zone and introduced me to another side of
writing.  I am enjoying the ride."   
  Coleen Lewis
“You have a keen antenna for recognizing
subtle ways to improve a MS.  Small changes
can make a HUGE difference. Thanks for all
your help fine tuning my latest PB!”
Madeleine Kuderick
"As a critique group member, you
have been a remarkable force in
helping me complete my historical
YA novel. Your critiques have been
spot on. You fully understand the
intricacies of plot, characterization,
setting, POV and symbolism. Your
critiques serve to illuminate holes
or disjoints in my writing process;
however, rather than to simply
point out weaknesses, you offer
specific examples to strengthen
the story, all while respecting my
writing style as the story’s original

  Teddie Aggeles
"I consider it a privilege to entrust my
manuscripts to you. You're such a careful bolts
of fiction writing. Whether my difficulties stem
from point of view or comma placement, verb
tense or uneven narrative flow you always
come up with effective suggestions to help me
develop a good fix. You've always provided me
with straight feedback without pulling punches
yet gently enough to leave my ego (especially
fragile) intact and my creative juices still
We've never worked on one of my manuscripts
without it being much improved and without
my leaving the session with my appetite to
write invigorated. Thanks for your help.  

         Abe Spevack.
"Sue LaNeve is an incredible professional and has my highest respect
and admiration.  Because of her keenly intelligent creative writing
instincts, skill,  and expertise,  I became a better  writer,  and was more
effectively able to revise my manuscript. Not only does she possess an
expert command of creative writing knowledge,  she is able to impart her
knowledge in a warm, professional, patient, and extremely supportive
manner.  She was there for me at every turn.  I highly, highly recommend
her services and she will definitely be an asset to any manuscript she
                   Cara Connelly/Lake Worth

"My picture book wouldn't be where it is now without your critique. Every
revision was a learning experience for me. It really helped my grammar
and tenses. You will always be a part of
My Hotdog Pillow. You are an
inspiration to every writer. I really climbed your tree! Be assured that your
site will be recommended. Thank you and more power!"    
                                Alicia Minor
"You've helped me a lot. My book is
way better now. No complaints. :)

Christian Mancino
14-year-old student
Tutored for 6 months.
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